Kabul Storage

Sadaf Petroleum Kabul Limited, to achieve its primary aim, has invested in building and establishing fuel storage facilities. The first storage facility was established in Kabul on 6 acre (company’s own) land at industrial area, in Tarakhil Kabul which stores 11.4┬áMillion Liters. The storage’s structure, storing facility, fuel downloading & uploading system And safety & security has established according to international standard (WSB – CLASS150).

SPK has purchased it’s all fuel equipments, Downloading & Uploading Machinery, Capline, Filters, Nozzles etc. from Germany and USA. In this Storage, the Uploading facility has build 200 meters far from Storages, under standard covering & protecting system which has 20 machinery And each machine fill a 30000 tanker in 25 Minutes. With Each Downloading & Uploading machinery, installed a filtering machine, which filter the fuel before download and upload.

SPK has installed a modern and fully equipped fire extinguisher system in 8 different location in this storage to better and faster make-off the fire. This extinguisher has 2 water storages 170000 liters each which totals 140000 liters of water, meanwhile, it has another storage of 4000 liters of chemical mixture. According this system each 100 liters water should be mixed of 3 liters chemical liquid, which shot 6500 liters in one minute. Moreover, for better safety our all fuel storages equipped with 10KG balloon anti-fire gas. Moreover, SPK has invested in installing a complete, standard and full of modern test equipment fuel laboratory in this storage which tests fuel in each delivery. Meanwhile, according our customer requirement, SPK provides a test report from the Ministry of Norm & Standard with each bulk deliveries.

Furthermore, Our services at this site forms below categories:

1 – Fuel Storage Facility┬áLease

2 – Weighing

3 – Loading & Unloading

4 – Fuel Transportation service.