Hairatan Storage

Hairatan Border Plays a key role in fuel importing business, for Afghanistan. An estimate of seventy percent of fuel, imports from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan crossing through this Afghan-Uzbek Border.

As a result of its rapid growth and expanding its capacities for better services to its clients, SPK has invested in establishing a world class owned fuel storage facility which has six storages and stores 22000 Metric tons in total. In addition, This world class modernized storage has equipped its own weighing facility,  German & American machineries for fuel load & unload facilities, and Brazilian fire control system. For providing Diesel, Petrol & Aviation quality fuel to its clients in cheap prices, SPK imports fuel in Bulk quantities from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and stores fuel in its Hairatan storage.

Furthermore, Our services at this site forms below categories:

1 РFuel Storage Facility Lease

2 – Weighing

3 – Loading & Unloading

4 – Fuel Transportation service.