Transportation System

Sadaf Petroleum Kabul Limited, as leading fuel distributor in Afghanistan, provides 24 hours in all 7 days of week fuel delivery services. In 24hrs, in all days of a week SPK can avail any type of fuel, in any part of the country, which is one of the richest value of us.

SPK owns One hundred and ninety five owned Tankers & Bowsers with different storing sizes. For Availing and providing any type of fuel, in any quantity, in any location in the country which is a big deal in current situation of Afghanistan, SPK has setup 30 Bowsers with different storing sizes in provinces And 30 Bowsers with different storing sizes in the Capital.

SPK has Build Storages, Branches, and assigned representative to main unique service of 24/7 transportation management. Bulk size Tankers distributes fuel from Hairatan Storage to other storages located in the other provinces to cover shortage of fuel, In the meantime, these Tankers deliver imported fuel from other Borders as Sherkhan Border, Torkham Border, IslamQala Border And Aqina Border to Kabul And Other provinces according their requirements.